2023 AGM and Conference

The 2023 AGM agenda and reports are available here. The Guest Speaker was Dr. Scott Gibson of Baylor University and his topic was Christ the Common Connection. The lectures are available on YouTube here and here.

50th Anniversary Celebration (June 2022)

The program for our 50th Anniversary Celebration is available here. To view the Anniversary Service and the various presentations, go to the CABF YouTube Channel (don't forget to subscribe!).

2019 AGM and Conference

Davd Odom 1

Wolfville Baptist Church hosted our 2019 Annual General Meeting and Conference on October 4-5. Our Guest Speaker was Dr. David Odom, Executive Director, Leadership Education and Associate Dean, Leadership initiatives at Duke Divinity School. Dr. Odom spoke about 21st century congregations, why they are important and how they differ from 20th century ones.

During the AGM the membership approved the Strategic Plan - Proposed Framework. Lee Nicholas-Pattillo and David Allen were elected to another two year term as President and Treasurer respectively, Rev. Marlene Knowles was elected Vice President and Sheila Stanley was elected Secretary.

Roger and Lee

A highlight of the meeting was a presentation to the Rev. Dr. Roger H. Prentice who has been chosen as only the second Life Member of the Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms. Having been one of the founders of its predecessor, the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship, and having served almost continuously since in a variety of offices, Dr. Prentice was a popular choice for this honour!

Past Conference Topics

  • This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be! - The Rev. Dr. Dorothy Hunse, Assistant Professor for Pastoral Care at Acadia Divinity College, offered two lectures on the theme: Exploring the needs and challenges faced when one’s partner or parents begin to require care, and We don’t have to go it alone. Exploring the possibilities for offering care to caregivers within our congregations.
  • The Uncomfortable Journey Towards Reconciliation - The Rev. Dr. Jamie Scott, former General Council Officer for Residential Schools for The United Church of Canada (2017). Click here for a reading list.
  • Medical Assistance in Dying - Dr. David Abriel, Rev. Pam Estey, Janet Allen, Sandra Barss (2016)
  • Faith Formation - All Ages, All the Time - David and Jenny Csinos (2015)
  • Realizing Heaven on Earth: Four Words in the Service of God - Dr. Scott Kindred-Barnes, Minister, First Baptist Church Ottawa (2014)
  • Chaplaincy: Serving God and Country - LCol (the Rev’d) Barbara L. Putnam (2013)
  • Religious Liberty and the Local Church - Rev. Dr. J. Brent Walker, Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, Washington, DC (2012)
  • Being Baptist in a Changing World - Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Haggary, First Baptist Church, Washington, DC (2011)
  • Fruitful Partnerships – Relationships with the Cuban Fraternity, the Alliance of Baptists, and the Baptist Peace Fellowship (2010)
  • The Baptist Movement – The Black Experience - Dr. Peter Paris (2009)
  • World Crisis and the Church – Rev. Dr, Joao Matwawana
  • Living with respect and Hope in God's Creation - Eric Tusz-King (2008)
  • Modern Youth and the Church
  • Baptist Theological Education in Canada
  • Baptist Practice Regarding Baptism
  • Retelling the Story: An Artist's Vision – Regina Coupar
  • Religion and Politics: How can/should the church Influence Government Policy? - Rev. Dr. Mark Parent (2003)
  • Bio-ethical Issues and the Christian Faith
  • Lessons from Southern Baptist Convention Experience
  • Educating Clergy and Laity, Theologically
  • Jesus, Canon and Community: Option in Contemporary Christology
  • Building Congregations and Communities of Peace
  • Overcoming the Racial Divide – Rev. Elias Mutale
  • Baptist Contributions to Christian Unity
  • Living Fully into the Adventure of God's Reconciling Activity – Dr. Ken Sehested, executive director of the Baptist Peace Fellowship
  • The Church and the Disabled: A Time to Listen
  • Ministry in a Multi-Faith World – John O'Donnell
  • Evangelism and Discipleship for the Third Millennium
  • The Broken Family and the Healing of the Church
  • Educating Clergy and Laity, Theologically
  • The Role of Jesus in Christianity
  • Building Congregations and Communities of Peace
  • The Use and Abuse of the Bible
  • The Theory and Practice of Worship
  • The Challenge of Feminism for Faith and Worship
  • A Woman Minister Looks at Mark 16:1-8
  • The Question of Missions
  • Music and Hymnody
  • The Church: Theological Foundation and Practical Experience – Rev. Dr. Tim Ashley
  • Baptists and Freedom – then and now
  • Freedom: The Key to the Baptist Genius