Council Meetings Highlights

The CABF Council meets virtually each month and is excited about recent developments:

  1. Special Council Meeting: A Special Meetingof Council was held on June 2 to vote on proposals for a Policies and Procedures Manual, new policies for credentialing and changes to the Memorandum of Association and By-Laws. You can read the draft minutes here.
  2. New Member Church: First Baptist Church Edmonton, AB has become our first member congregation from Western Canada! The Church voted to seek membership in the CABF and the Council was delighted to approve the application, which will be ratified at the next meeting of our members in June. Welcome to First Baptist Church Edmonton, their congregation and clergy - Senior Minister: Rev. Dr. Ryan Sato; Youth, Young Adult, And Outreach, Minister: Rev. Jeremy Keay; Music Minister: Dr. Evelyn Grieger; and Children & Families Minister: Dawn Stiles.
  3. First Accredited Clergy in Alberta: Rev. Amanda Strain, Chaplain at the Institute for Women in Edmonton, AB has been accredited by our Credentials Committee, the first from Western Canada. Welcome, Amanda! To see who else is accredited by the CABF, click here.
  4. Provincial Wedding Officiants: Each Canadian province has its unique laws for authorizing those who can legally officiate at weddings. Religious bodies usually have the privilege of submitting and annually confirming a list of their leaders who have been accredited for that purpose. CABF has that privilege in Nova Scotia and is currently working to establish the same privilege in other provinces.
  5. Promotional Video: Two videos, a "short version" (2:06) and a "long" version (6:13), have been produced to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms and its predecessor, the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship. Both videos are now on our CABF YouTube channel and we hope you will watch and share them today.

    CABF Voices - 5Oth Anniversary "Long"

    CABF Voices - 50th Anniversary "Short"

  6. New Dues Policy: Council approved a new dues policy recommended by CABF Treasurer,  David Allen. The new policy makes annual dues payable on the anniversary of a member's contribution rather than on January 1. Members will be advised when their "due date" is imminent.
  7. 50th Anniversary Celebration: Thr 50th Anniversary Committee chaired by David Allen updated plans for a special assembly in Wolfville Baptist Church on June 3rd and 4th. A highlight will be singing a new hymn authored for the occasion by the late Rev. Dr. Roger Prentice. Details are available here.